Jewellery Care

Sterling silver jewellery naturally oxidises over time as they react with external factors such as air, water, oils (from the skin), etc. Polished surfaces will eventually tarnish and blackened while depletion gilded surfaces may develop slight purple, yellow, or grey tint. 

Depletion Gilded Silver Jewellery Care:

Sterling Depletion Gilding is NOT a permanent finish. The white oxide layers on the surface can be scratched off when it comes in contact with hard surfaces and would reveal silver shimmers. To prevent this, minimal handling of the piece and avoiding exposing the piece to surrounding items that may unintentionally scratch the surface is advised.

Refreshing depletion gilded silver requires proper jeweller’s heating station set up. However, jewellery cleaning solutions may be used as an at-home solution to remedy tarnished surfaces.  


To prolong the finish and keep your jewellery pristine, it is advised to:

  • Store your pieces in an air-tight bag after wearing them. A zip lock baggie works great.
  • Anti-Tarnish strips may be placed into the bag along with your jewellery.