How It Works

  1. Share your ideas with me!

  2. I will draft 3 initial designs for you. Pick from the 3 the one you like best!

  3. From that initial design you picked, if you would like any alterations, 3 revisioned designs will be drafted for you to pick from based on your feedback.

    • Any more revision designs will be charged at $25 CAD per round.
  4. Once a design is approved, I will give you an approximate quote and request a 50% deposit from you. Once received, a final draft to scale will be drawn or 3D-modelled depending on the nature of the project.

  5. The making shall now commence!! 

  6. Once completed, we will arrange the handoff or shipping where the remaining 50% of the payment will be requested.

What I Request From You:

  • The type of jewellery you have in mind.
  • An approximate size, materials, particular technique, etc.
  • Your ideas, inspiration, sketches (optional), etc. with as many details and specifications as possibleeeee.  


  • The whole commission process may take up to 1 month or more to complete depending on its intricacy. (This refers to the designing and making phase)
  • Shipping duration will be dependent on the courier. 

My Part:

  • Keep you updated every step of the wayyyyy!!